About Us

Why We Do What We Do

At Riverleaf Biotech Industries LLC, we take pride in working with one of humanity’s most important botanical allies. We aim to help hemp (Cannabis sativa) gain the respect it truly deserves by bringing unparalleled standards to the industry and providing top-quality cannabinoid products and extracts.

In our custom-built laboratory, we implement cold ethanol extraction and wiped-film distillation technologies. The process is finished in our clean room (white lab) with the isolation and crystallization of hemp-derived compounds. Once the CBD and other cannabinoids are purified, we bring them into our independent, ODA-certified, product manufacturing establishment to create safe and effective wellness products.

We hope to see CBD and other cannabinoids widely accepted by the medical community and want to help encourage that acceptance by mirroring the standards of production found in pharmaceutical laboratories. Being in control of the entire process, from plant to product, allows us to guarantee that a strict level of quality control is implemented at all stages. We take extra care to ensure all safety precautions are fulfilled by following GMP, ISO, USDA, and FDA standards, as we are currently in pursuit of those certifications.

Gabriel R. Haddad

CEO & Founder

Wanting to make the purest concentrated plant essences, Gabriel founded Riverleaf Biotech Industries LLC in 2014. Riverleaf began providing research and development (R&D) services for the extraction of a wide variety of high-quality plant, fungus, and algae materials. When the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 went into effect, the company expanded and started specializing in hemp extraction services.