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Hemp Extraction and Cannabinoid Production


The Essence of Nature...

Through a love of botany and natural plant medicines, Riverleaf Biotech Industries LLC was founded by Gabriel R. Haddad in Eugene, Oregon in 2014. Wanting to make the purest concentrated plant essences, Riverleaf started off providing research and development (R&D) services for the extraction of a wide variety of high-quality plant, fungus and algae materials using a custom-made supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction system. Before specializing in cannabinoids, our focus was on extracting essential oils, antioxidants, and other products isolated from natural sources such as micro-algae, cacao, mushrooms, lemon balm, cranberry, hops, lavender, anise, kava-kava, sweet orange, and vanilla.

A beautifully colored hemp plant with flowering tops and red-tipped leaves.

When the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 went into effect, we saw the opportunity to work with what we believe is one of humanity’s most important botanical allies, Cannabis Sativa. Our aim is to help this beautiful plant continue to ascend from its previous stigma and bring it into the light and respect it truly deserves. We want to see CBD (cannabidiol) and other cannabinoids widely accepted by the medical community and made accessible to all. Riverleaf intends to help cannabis achieve this level of respect and accessibility, by bringing to the industry standards of production equal to those found in pharmaceutical laboratories. 

In early 2019, we began the project of creating a state-of-the-art hemp extraction and cannabinoid production facility. Here we implement cold ethanol extraction and wiped-film distillation technologies and have a clean room/white lab. The white laboratory is a precisely controlled environment built for the purposes of crystallization and isolation of CBD and other hemp-derived compounds. We take extra care to ensure all quality and safety precautions are fulfilled, by following GMP, ISO, USDA, and FDA standards, as we are in pursuit of those certifications.

In addition to our extraction and production space, Riverleaf Biotech Industries includes its own independent ODA-certified product manufacturing establishment and warehouse space. This is where we formulate and produce consumer products containing hemp-derived extracts, as well as other herbs and plant-based ingredients. The product manufacturing establishment is run and operated with the same philosophy that we follow in the laboratory and this strict level of quality control is implemented with all projects. 

Riverleaf aims to enrich the community by sharing this space and building strong connections with our peers.

We honor the value of forming a solid network of like-minded entities and will consider all project proposals with eager enthusiasm.

We seek to collaborate with more local and international businesses to form lasting partnerships that allow us to grow together.