Riverleaf Biotech Industries

The essence of nature… concentrated.

Established in 2014

Located in Eugene, Oregon

Through a love of botany and natural plant medicines, Riverleaf Biotech Industries LLC was founded with the desire to make the purest concentrated plant essences.

In 2019, we shifted focus from creating various natural botanical extracts and began specializing in hemp-derived extracts and hemp extraction services.

We offer a variety of private-labeling options for cannabinoid products including, tinctures, creams, balms, and massage oils. 


Cannabinoid Infused Products

Serenital is our solution for making effective CBD products available to those looking for high-strength herbal support.

Our products include:

Services We Offer
Laboratory & Manufacturing

Services We Offer

White Labeling

Need CBD products for your brand? Choose from a selection of pre-formulated CBD products or tell us what you want to create.

Product Formulation

Let us turn your dream CBD skin care product into a reality, whether you want to create a new CBD product or want to refine an already existing one.

Toll Processing

From plant to product, we will take your hemp or hemp extract and refine it to your desired outcome. Turn green into gold.

Research & Development

True greatness requires trial and error. Our product development laboratory allows us to experiment with various plants and extraction methods to suit your needs.

Certified (ODA) Kitchen Rental

Riverleaf Biotech Industries includes an ODA Certified Food Processing Establishment and use of this space is available for rent. We welcome entrepreneurs in Food and Hemp markets who are in the beginning stages of their business or looking to expand.


What Others Are Saying

Customer satisfaction is our greatest honor.

"Highest quality products. As a chronic migraine/nerve pain patient, I have had incredible relief using a combination of Serenital CBG oil 2x daily, while using the sports balm for topical relief on my neck & temples. I love the way the balm smells! I would recommend this to any friend or family member."
"The Serenital Sport Balm is truly amazing. I have been using it for the last few days of the apocalypse and it has given me the ability to breathe again. I really don't know what I would do without it at this point due to smoke from the wildfires are trying to ruin my life..."
"Me ayudo casi de forma inmediata con mis problemas de ansiedad e insomnio, me siento con más energía durante el día y menos estrés, me permite hacer mejor mis actividades"

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