Riverleaf Biotech Industries provides a wide variety of high quality plant oils and extracts.

Who We Are

We use recaptured industry carbon dioxide of the customer’s choice (medical, food grade, or industrial), as an environmentally conscious alternative to unfavorable solvents used in similar processes. Because of our ASME coded technology, your products can be approved for development in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Riverleaf Biotech Extracts

Services We Provide

    • Research & Development of Natural Extracts
    • Define or Revise Methods of Supercritical Extraction Processes
    • Potential to Contribute to Large Scale Production Needs
    • Partner with Existing Analytical Laboratories to Provide Technical Support, Investment Options, and Expansion Opportunities

Our Mission

Our mission is to expand our services as a research and development laboratory, to offer our clients the highest quality and widest range of extraction services, and continue to explore the commercial and health value of plants, mushrooms, and microalgae extracts.

Riverleaf Biotech Extracts

Personal References

SX Technologies, Inc.

Eden Labs LLC (www.edenlabs.com)

CF Technologies, Inc. (www.cftechnologies.com)

Research & Development

Leveraging the latest in extraction technologies, our team works to research and develop new and innovative extracts as demand for natural products increase.

Innovative Products

Riverleaf Biotech currently owns a Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction system as well as a CO2 Fractionator. This machine was custom made for Riverleaf Biotech by CF Technologies, Inc.

Earth Conscious

Our clean extraction methods involve two products: CO2 and pressure, omitting the need for hazardous waste management. Carbon dioxide as a solvent is efficient, non-toxic at residual levels, and is readily available.

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